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Welcome From The President

On behalf of The Salvation Academy and its Board of Directors, we are pleased to welcome you to our education to career programs. As you read through this web site, you learn how the Academy, in partnership with other higher education associations, have given hope to thousands by working determinedly to lay the foundations that will ensure access to training and success in employment for years to come, despite the fiscal turmoil that plagues our economy. At no other time in history have educational institutions struggled to adjust to an economic downturn of this magnitude. Schools around the country have witnessed decreasing endowments, student enrollment, financial aid, and market share of international students. Simultaneously, the rapid advances in technology and shifting demographics have added to the unique challenges facing school leaders.

Our Vision

The Academy’s aspiration is to prepare students to become leaders of learning that are exceptionally rewarding, professionally satisfying, and humble service to humanity. By discovering and sharing exemplary models of professional education, the Academy seeks to be a leader among colleges, universities, and professional organizations that share our dedication to our vision.


Certified to Operate by the Ministry of Technical & Higher Education

Salvation Academy Sierra Leone Branch

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