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The Academy’s administration is responsible for the maintenance and supervision of the institution’s operations including but not limited to: admissions, maintenance of official records, maintenance and audit of financial records, maintenance of the campus grounds; supervision and support of campus computers and networks, fundraising, compliance with government regulations, public affairs and student services. The Administration is also responsible for the supervision of academic affairs such as hiring, promotion, tenure, and evaluation (with faculty input where appropriate); the maintenance of official records (typically supervised by the Campus Director of the Academy.

The Administration must also shoulder the responsibilities for nonacademic matters, like the maintenance and audit of financial flows and records; maintenance of he campus grounds; the safety and security of people and property on the campus. In future, the maintenance and construction of the Academy’s campus buildings will be the responsibilities of the Academy’s Administration. The supervision and support of campus computers and network (information technology), Fundraising from private individuals, foundations, corporates, and government agencies. The research for grants, contracts and institutional compliance with Government Regulations are the sole responsibilities of the Administration. Public affairs Office (including relationships with the media, the community, local, regional and state governments handles student services such as disability, career counselling job placement and library services.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty comprised of professionals from all programs: Allied HealthCare  Nursing Support Information Technology, and Private Security Training Programs. All programs are under the direction of the Academic affairs of the Academy. Program Directors supervise individual programs.

Faculty members are ranked in a descending order; as professors, associate professor/assistant professor, and instructors. The faculty possesses significant authority over academic affairs.

There has been and always a relationship between the faculty and the student body in terms of current affairs of the Academy that concerns the student body. Faculty and students must maintain respect for each other during and after school sessions. The Academy has always ensured and will continue to strengthen the bonds among faculty and student to help maintain a shared awareness of the roles, problems and progress of the Academy policies across various settings and levels.

All newly hired faculty and staff are required to attend New Employee Onboarding by the first day. All newly hired staff will be registered for Onboarding by the Human Resources department representative. The location, time, and parking information will be included in a welcome email that will be sent when registration is complete.

The checklist below lists items that need to be submitted on your first day of employment. You can either (1) print and complete all required forms prior to your first day, or (2) complete all the required and necessary items when you attend onboarding/orientation.

In addition to all required documents, you  will need to bring the identification  card you used to complete your employment application  (passport or driver's license and National Revenue Authority card).


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