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Our Purpose

To provide quality training activities for registered students.
To provide the Fairfax county communities with the much-needed health Care and IT professionals.
To provide a safe and healthy environment for the student served.
To encourage the development of a positive self-image and foster independence for every registered Student.
To encourage respect for self as well as for others - understanding that one must first have self-respect before respecting others.
To help the student develop positive relationships with other community members.
To help the student develop good health care habits by promoting healthy habits: physical,social, emotional intellectual skills and employment opportunities.

Our Core Mission

The Salvation Academy – Transforming Our Community, One Student at a Time. Our mission is guided by our commitment to empower students to achieve their goals by providing access to high quality and affordable higher education to citizens and residents of the United States and international students.
As a career technical institution, with a diverse student population, we provide career programs, transfer programs,developmental education, and lifelong-learning opportunities, with a focus on excellence in all our educational services.

Our Vision

The Salvation Academy focuses on student success and strive to be recognized as a national and international leader within the higher education community in providing quality and affordable education.

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"Salvation academy is one of the best institute I have attended. The staff and lecturers are professional and friendly. I have classmates from different countries and enjoy time together with them. Salvation academy is a great place for students."

"Attending Salvation Academy has been one of my best decisions."

"The faculty and staff in the Information Technology Class are incredibly friendly. They are almost all  on a first-name basis with you once you get to know them, they are eager to help even when they are not specifically involved in your project. "

"I came to Salvation Academy for my CNA program, which was very good, the lecturers are very thorough, the clinical was good, my classroom settings was great.."


Certified to Operate by the Ministry of Technical & Higher Education

Salvation Academy Sierra Leone Branch

43 Dundas Street
Freetown, Sierra Leone West Africa
Tel: (1)-703-763-1115